Paul Robinson Composer

Chamber Orchestra

'Chamber Concerto' : Clt/Bs Clt/Sop,Alt and Ten sax's/Horn in F/Tuba/2 Perc including Vibes,Glock and Marimba/Mandolin,Accordion,Piano and String Quartet. Duration 20 mins

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'Falling In' : 2 Flt (2nd on picc)/ 2 Clt's (2nd on bass)/ 2 Bsn/4 Horns/Tpt/Piano/Tymp/2 Perc/ 12mins

Chamber Music

'Eris' : Piano 4 hands. Duration 17 mins.

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'Webernera' : Flt(+picc)/Clt(+bass)/Piano/Violin/Cello.Duration 15 mins.

'The Grandsire Doubles': String Quartet.

''Astor La Vista' : Bandoneon (or Accordion)/Elec Guitar/Piano/Violin/D Bass. Duration 6 mins.

'The Faraday Wheel' :Solo Piano.Duration 12 mins.

The Palace of Reason project (Works based around Bach's 'A Musical Offering'

'Invention on Ricercar a 3 : Flt (picc)/Clt (bass and E Flat)/Piano/Violin/Viola/Vcl//Accordion/Perc incl Vibes and Toy Piano. Duration 8 mins.

'Invention on Canon a 4' Flt (picc)/Clt (bass and E Flat)/Piano/Violin/Viola/Vcl//Accordion/Perc incl Vibes and Chinese gongs.Duration 8 mins.

'Invention on Ricercar a 6' Clt/Alto Sax/Piano/Violin/Viola/Vcl//Accordion/Perc incl Vibes.Duration 10 mins.

'A Night in the Palace of Reason' (Winner of the 'Piero Pezze' Prize in the 'Citta di Udine' Int'l Composers Contest). Flt(picc)/Bs Clt/Stg Quartet/Piano/Perc incl Glock. Duration 10 mins.

'Six Movements for Youth String Orchestra' (Based on the 'Per Tonus' Canon. Duration 20 mins.


''The Eagle Has Landed' : SATB/2 Pianos/Percussion/ for young voices. Setting of poems around Lunar themes.Duration 30 mins.

"Incantation' Countertenor/2 Ten's/Bass. Poem by Byron.For the Hilliard Ensemble.

''Gemma Florens Militae' CT/2 Ten's/Bass/ Clt+bass/CbassClt/Synth/Piano/Glock/Vcl. Duration 12 mins

''Neither the Moon by Night' SATB +Treble solo and Organ.On Psalm 121.

'The Seventh' 3 Sops A Capella or SATB.On poem by Attila Jozsef.Duration 5 mins.

''Bow Down' 3 Sops A Capella or SATB. On various versions of the Three Sisters Ballad. Theatrical presentation.Duration 5 mins.

''Muffin Man' 3 Sops A Capella or SATB. On Crossword clues and Riddles. Theatrical presentation.Duration 7 mins.

'Triadic Riddles of Water and Ice' 3 Sops A Capella. For Trio Medieval.Duration 4 mins.

Music for Young Players

'Maison Satie' : Set of piano pieces around ideas from the Maison Satie in Honfleur. Graded piano pieces from solo to piano 6 hands.Performed by John Forster and Harry Dadswell at Christ's Hopsital School. West Sussex.


'Leaving Tarturus' : 4 Renaissance Recorders and parts for massed recorders.Fontanella commission.

'A Summa Caelo' : Youth Orchestra with parts for young players.Commission by the London Schools Symphony Orchestra.